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you lie and steal and cheat
everything in me
you promise something big
then undelivery
tattooed heart on my sleeve
so you know just where it bleeds
they say experience can teach
like nuns, rulers and wooden seats
delinquent memories then flash
i never paid much attention in class
so i go back, go back to you
getting what i lacked, in summer school

oh it’s hot, so hot it burns
by why can’t i hear your words
decipher your smiles, your eyes and your lies
hoping somewhere that you’re missing me
but i always was bad in history
and passing was never my concern
so another lesson i will never learn

my heart stuck on the clock
that never moves
erase the boards, wipe the chalks
and i wish i knew
reading your book would be so hard
your eyes blink and the school bell rings
can’t comprehend when one ends
and the other begins
i fan my sweat with your pages
if truths break, can lies save us
oh baby, just like the kids back then
you can be so cruel
you’re having fun while i sit
alone in summer school