i’m comfortable telling secrets that were never true

i’m constantly making you jealous of my fake truths

feel bad of my good so you can feel as bad as me
the basement deep down you will never see
it’s flooding and flooding and wet to my neck
oh make it possible and please just forget
swimming’s not swimming with no arms
and concrete on my feet keeps me just as warm
if regrets make me who i am then there are none
if this water consumes me, it’s from my own gun
my eyes are wet and i don’t know why
i let myself forget and believe my own lies
the sun burns deep through into my chest
let me burn burn until there’s nothing left
does salvation come to those who want it?
i can’t let go of ghosts, i’m still haunted
so save yourself, save yourself from me
sail away, sail away from me
don’t let me, let me hold you down
i deserve this, i deserve to drown
swallow up in my own memories