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When I was a little boy, I would run by my grandfather’s room in my aunt’s house and would stop and turn back to see what he was doing.  There, I saw him sitting on the floor with his legs bent smiling and his eyes closed.  I would see him often this way and I wondered what he was doing.  I learnt later he was meditating.

I never bothered to do much of it until I was older.  The thought of just sitting still was boring to me.  I’ve come to understand that it’s not stilling of the body as it is more of the mind and heart.  Now a days,  many of the things that I do have a “zen” to it.

Ironing my clothes is very relaxing to me. I didn’t realized until later that i’ve been meditating while I iron.  That’s why it’s become so relaxing. I’d lay the shirt on the ironing board and let the iron get hot.  Straighten the sleeve of the shirt and press the iron on it.  I hear and see the steam from the iron and I exhale.  These moments, my mind is clear.  As I iron out the wrinkles, I iron out my thoughts.  And repeat.

Running is also another one of my favorite meditation.  When I run there is nothing but the sound of my steps, my breathing and the beating of my heart.  I used to ignore the pain in my legs when i run and push through it.  I’ve learned to listen to my body and know when to push and when to yield.  Experience does bring wisdom. I breathe in and I breathe out.  I’ve learned to calm my mind and my heart and focus on everything and nothing.

The world stops when I close my eyes.