I’ve been busy apartment hunting these past couple of weeks and I just deposited on a great place.  I can’t remember the last time a place felt like home, actually I can… it was about 4 years ago in my apt in Plymouth Meeting.  Since then I’ve moved to a place in south Philly and really didn’t do much to it because the idea was to live there temporary while we flip the house and sell it at profit.  Because of that, I didn’t add too much of myself into that place.  Two years later, when I moved out… I didn’t miss it much.  I do miss having my own place.


When I saw this ad in craigslist, I had already told another place that i was going to sign for it, so i felt bad for even looking at this place.  The fact that it’s a loft made me had to at least check it out.

When I walked in to looked at the place, I was ready to call it home.