buzzed or drunk so i might take this down


I’m a passenger
with no one at the wheel
waiting for you
but I’m stuck still
I didn’t mean to meet you
I didn’t mean to fall for you
I didn’t mean to hate you
for making me feel this way
with you, I’m so out of place
your touch doesn’t mean what I want
your kiss, in my sleep it haunts
hoping these drinks to shutter
maybe I’d forget
replace me with another
and lies to myself
that I’m alright
and lies to you
that I’m fine tonight
and my heart bruised
when you smiled tonight
it’s cold in this car
the heat’s not as warm as your hand
I won’t get too far
so I give up while I can
and I’m driving on home
and I’m driving alone
and I hope it’s alright
if we just leave tonight
and your secrets unkept
at your cold front door steps