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Earthquake and Tsunami damage-Minamisoma, Japan

Image by DigitalGlobe-Imagery via Flickr

I’m starting to lose hope in humanity.  Well that’s not true, I’ve started a long time ago, but all this news around the world just fans the flame.

The other day I read the news about Japan…. wait, I should start before that.  While at work one day last week, in the cafeteria this old man found some money and left it on the table and asks if anyone had dropped it.  I thought that was pretty amazing to see.  This little lady came up to him and joked about something and walked away, then this guy comes over and asks about it.  The one that found the money asked him how much was the amount, and he couldn’t answer him but the guy gave him the money anyways.  I sat there and saw all this happening… and i knew it wasn’t his money.  I watch this crook walked away from view of the old gentleman and counted the money and looked and me and started smiling.  Showing me this money like I’m a part of this.  I was pissed.  For a second there was hope in humanity then there was someone to rob it.  I was annoyed at myself for just watching it.

Then a couple days later, I woke up to the news of Japan.  It is devastating.  So the world responded and helped out with what they can and still are.  That’s when ignorance started pouring in… people started bitching about us always helping but never getting help in return.  They don’t know that when you’re the big brother, that’s what happens.  They bitch and whine about us giving money out there when they don’t realize we took so much from “out there”.  Fucking idiots.  They don’t realize how dire everyone is right now.  If one major country like Japan actually falls, we’re all FUCKED.  We’re all hanging on a thread so thin, maybe it’s better to be ignorant.

There are these nuclear reactors that’s in danger of a melt-down right now in Japan and also radiation leaks.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a week or two Japan would fall.  This is just another piece that’s falling in place.

Meanwhile in the middle east….