Image by diegodiazphotography via Flickr

Everyday during my break at work, i’d read the news and everyday it’s something going on in the middle east. What Egypt Tunisia (I was corrected) started is a revolution.  I wonder if the media here is trying to downplay that.  It is one of the biggest thing to happen there in decades.  The people stood up to their government… and won.  Tunisia then Libya are having the same thing happening.  I feel sorry for the people of Libya but I think they’ll overcome this.  You can not hold down the people for long.  Hopefully the money will spread more evenly to the people after these regime changes.  I see what’s happening there and waiting for the ripples to hit here.  Some have already, gas prices for example are near $4 a gallon (for premium).  I see, somewhat of a financial revolution happening here because of the recession.  I think it’s still changing.  Consumerism and technology is all catching up to us.  We’re now finally seeing the dangers of spending.  The american dream is changing.  It’s been… “down sized”. For the first time in years, we all have to worry about how we spend our money… from our household to the white house.

The sad part about all of this is, if/when we get out of this recession we can’t really learn from it because our ideals will put us back here again eventually.  In a perfect world, no one will go to bed hungry and no one will be morbidly obese but it’s not and it’s so fucked up on so many levels.  When i think about money and capitalism, i think about a see-saw.  It will always go up or down… never balanced because no one is content with that. The money you get is taken from somewhere.  The rich will get richer and the poor… well.  You’ll see soon enough as the money of the middle-class goes to the rich and the middle-class shrinks.

We can’t wake up if we don’t know we’re asleep.