Cover of "Kung Fu Panda  (Widescreen Edit...

Cover of Kung Fu Panda (Widescreen Edition)

I have a trend where i stop writing on my blog during the winter, someone mentioned it might be “seasonal depression“… maybe.  BUT….. I don’t think so.  It’s just… they are boring boring times.  Really, if i write during the winter it would start out like “woke up, looked around… will try again tomorrow.”  This will loop for the long long months.  So let’s get filled in on the happenings of the past couple months… got a job, that’s a pretty big one.  So now, moving back out again is the next step.  The main thing i missed about living alone was the girls I’d have over, not saying there were a lot… but just saying.  Second, was just my own damn personal space!


The past couple of months i’ve been getting a lot healthier.  I’ve started training my cousins in martial arts.  The other day I told my friend this and he started laughing and he said, in his shrieky ching chong voice “what are you teaching? you don’t know anything”.  I was in shocked.  I’m like the real kung fu panda and this fool was about to get an early showing of the sequel.  Lucky for him, we were eating something delicious and i was able to subdue the inner dragon.


So in this gray winter I’m having, something unexpected happened.  Someone added color to it.  She asked if I were to write about her, what would I say… I just smiled.  The thing is, i don’t want to get too excited and jump too high only to hurt myself when i land.  It’s hard not to though.  Every rule in my game book doesn’t seem to work or rather, doesn’t apply to her.  Still, past experience will always keep me grounded.  We’ll see.