i forgot that i was to forget you
then a rush of emotions hit me
so fast my eyes couldn’t have seen
like you katrina, and i,new orleans
like a tornado, like an inferno,
like a destructively giant wave
i wasn’t suppose to feel this way
surmised; i arrived at the conclusion
you breathe life into me; alive
when i shouldn’t
oh the pain, how you drain
the life within my veins
and i give you air
like an inflatable toy
deflate me, take all you can
empty shell i remain, once a man
but no longer
they say what doesn’t kill you
make you stronger
but read the fine print,
let your eyes squint
and see the lines are bent
you become jaded and soulless
your sleeves once tattooed a heart
scrapped off; now only an empty mark
i use to walk
now i only crawl
i should thank you
cause if i don’t feel pain
i wouldn’t feel anything at all
my breathing has failed
i exhale more than i inhale
but i’ll get by like the last time
i won’t fly but i’ll be fine
sort of, maybe. or not
read the fine lines
i’m still alive
at least i can pretend
until you say “hello” again