I didn’t get much sleep this whole weekend.  Things are starting to become a little hazy right now.  My birthday came and went last Tuesday and people are still taking me out for drinks.  I’m lucky to have some good friends in my life.   My weekend plans to Harrisburg was rescheduled so my weekend here opened up.  I ended up dogsitting Daphne and between her and staying in a new place, I couldn’t sleep.  Daphne wakes me up at 6 and sadly, she does not come with a snooze button.


I had a “meetup” and went to the Rodin museum and took some pictures in the afternoon.  I wish I had remember the names of most of the sculptures I took.  Then we had some coffee.  I don’t think I do too well with caffeine.  I got home and changed and hit the gym for two hours then 2 highschool friends were going to take me out to dinner.  Bullshit drama ensued and it became an early night.  I was tired but not sleepy.  I decided to call it a night at 2 am, early for me but there I laid and no sleep in sight.  I think around 6 am I started to drift into sleep, but I get a call at 6:45 from my cousin.  He needed a ride to school.  It felt weird.  As if everything happened so I wouldn’t sleep that night.  After I dropped him off at school, on my way back, I noticed the trees on the road has changed it’s colors.  The drive back home was so surreal.  A part of me felt something was going to happen on the drive home.  Nothing did, I guess that’s a good thing.  I got home and still wasn’t sleepy, so I began to write for a bit.  I was able to get some sleep around 9 and woke up at 1 pm.  Right now everything seems to be going in slo-motion for me.  I should get some more sleep.