Pilot (Glee)

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I was watching Glee earlier, the one about Kurt’s dad and religion.  [Spoiler Alert] There is a scene where Kurt does a heartfelt song dedication for his dad and he’s all sad and choked up about it. [Spoiler Over] That scene really annoyed me.  Who the fuck sings in times of sadness?  And especially in key?!

“What?! Your mom died?  Well I have a song for this occasion… ahem”

I always wondered this when I occasionally watched American Idol.  Same shit would happen.  I mean, let’s say you made it every week, closer and closer to being the winner.  Every week your dreams are getting clearer and clearer and it comes down to just you and another person.

“And the winner is…. not you, but why don’t you leave your dreams and all your chances behind with a song!”

Then they hand you a mic and the lights dim.  See, this is where I would look straight into the camera and curse out all the ones that didn’t vote for me.  Seriously??? Sing???  With teary eyes and snot dripping from the nose? No siree… this is where I’d throw the mic, ninja-style, at a lucky audience and say,

“Peace out motherfuckers, back to you Seacrest“.

I think that’s what they want to see.  I think they want to feel their pain, not in the song but in your voice.  When their lips start shaking and their eyes are all red. That’s what get the ratings.