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Deformables Zombie

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Now I’m sure there’s quite a few guides out there but I can guarantee that none of them was written by me.  This one is.  This guide will prepare you and train you to survive when the time comes.  There will be multiple little sections that I’ll throw out in the coming weeks.  So let’s just jump in and start with the first step:

1.  Preparation – You should have an emergency zombie kit stashed away somewhere.  A couple gallons of water, some rations, flashlights, bandages and a hand-crank radio.  Maybe learn to play some old-school games so you won’t get bored while hiding out from them.  I recommend duck duck goose.  Know all your exits.

2.  Fitness – Darwin will probably smile in his grave when this happens…. or maybe he’ll be one of the zombies after you.  If zombies can run, can you?  You have to be in shape enough to outrun them.  Remember, you don’t have to be the fastest… just make sure you’re not the slowest.

3.  Weapons – This should be in step 1 but if you’re no where near your stash, you need to know where to go.  Any sporting goods store should have all the things you need.  Make sure you pack it all up.  Sadly, sometimes the weapons are needed, not for zombies, but for your fellow man.  In times of chaos and disaster, law and order goes out the window and some times might makes right.  In those cases, make sure your might is loaded.

4.  Alertness – The end of the world will start with a whimper.  There will be warning signs.  Keep your eyes and ears open to epidemics happening in the news.  What may seem like your run of the mill bird flu, may end up turning into something far worse.  Find out how the the disease is transferred and more importantly, how to prevent it.

Ok so let’s see what we have… Preparation, Fitness, Weapons and Alertness.  This is the ABCs of survival or what I would like to call, PFWA (pronounced pho-wah).  It almost rolls down the tongue.   I’ll stop here for tonight and remember, stay alive!