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Today I’ve finally completed a work on me that’s about 10 years in the making and it feels like a little weight has lifted from my shoulders.  I’ve had an idea for a while now how I wanted it to turn out.  It was a two piece project.  One of the sun with 8 flairs to signify the 8th month,  August.  The second piece was, originally, that of feathers near the sun… The idea came to me after hearing about the story of Daedalus and Icarus again (the first time was in school many many moons ago).  I forgot how I came about the story but I remember the story.  Daedalus and his son, Icarus, was shut away in a tower and the father made wings out of feathers and binded them together with wax to escape.  The father warned Icarus not to get too close to the sun because the heat would melt the wax and unravel the wings.  I’ll leave the suspenseful stuff for Wikipedia.

I love my family and I got some of the little cousins to draw a pattern on a feather.  That way they are apart of it… I’m glad it came out great.  So anyways I was going to have 27 feathers for the 27th day.  It turned out too messy to be a tattoo so I had to come back with a different design that kept some of the basic ideas.  The picture below is the final product.  I thought that’s all the ink I wanted done but while I was getting this piece I had an idea of something else I wanted… so there might be another one… but until then, this is how I will remember the 27th of August.