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I’ve upgraded my phone on Tuesday from the palm pre to the samsung epic.  It’s a huge jump from webos to android.  I feel like i’m still favoring the pre but i’m learning to love this new phone.  I’m debating if I should root it now or just wait for the 2.2 update.  So far I don’t see any real need to root it, so it’s looking like I might wait.  But I never know, I might get bored soon and root it for shit and giggles.  I’ve been loyal to the palm pre for a few


1) it’s the underdog

2)webos was (kinda still is) a revolutionary os for any phone

3)their os could’ve been apple‘s biggest competitor

So why did I jump ship?  Well let’s start with the first reason why I loved the palm pre, it was the underdog… meaning it was a small company.  The problem with that is that it’s hard to compete against giants.  Sure, I wanted David to bring down Goliath but sadly it was almost impossible.  There were also another “David” in this battle and that name is google.  Google started out small but smart.  Google didn’t have the presence of the giants already in the market, mainly apple, microsoft and blackberry.  So instead of putting out a google phone, they just made the os and let any company use it on their phone.  Like, say any pc company using windows 7.  And that’s how it grew and grew and grew.  Palm… didn’t do that.  They came out with one phone.  While there were a couple android phones on the market then.  Then in a few months they came out with a lesser phone… and there were a few more android phones on the market.  Each android phone, topping the last in hardware specs.  While I waited for updates or new hardware for this awesome os, android was all over the place making leaps and bounds.  Then palm was bought by pc giant hp and gave hope to a new phone soon.  But… sadly, still nothing.  By now, it’s not the same anymore… hp and palm have a lot to do to gain traction against this already flooded smart phone market.  I’m starting to think it’s a little too late.  Now i’m not gonna say i’m completely done with webos, but i’m trying out different waters for the time being.