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scene from our motel

There is a theme song in Wildwood, NJ that goes something like “those wildwood nights”… or days that plays all over their P.A. system.  I doubt they had this in mind.

This weekend I went down to Wildwood, NJ with a friend of mine.  He had booked the room and made plans with a love one but it fell apart so… free mini-vacation for me. Score!  We arrived there around 3PM and checked in.  We stayed at the Metador.  It was one of the nicest places there at the shore.  I highly recommend it.  It was only two days ago but I can’t remember what we did… we really didn’t do much on Friday.  Checked in, chilled in the room and then we went out to eat.  I had a crab-cake sandwich at Stewart’s.  It was pretty good.  This was the first time I’ve been to Wildwood, and I’ve always heard this was more a family place.  And indeed it was.  Nice, clean boardwalk and the food is pretty cheap here.  We left our room door open the whole time we were there and people walked by and said “hi” and moved on.  We chilled a 24 case of beer in our mini fridge and started drinking around 10 at night.  I should also mention, I brought along a bottle of some grade A Cuban rum. 40% alcohol by volume.  There were these two middle-aged ladies that started talking to us and we ending up drinking and conversing for a bit on the deck.  I can see my friend beginning to make bad decisions after his 3rd beer and a shot of rum.  Our original plan was to get a little buzzed then walk around the boardwalk, play some games… somewhere between beer number 3 and number 4 it seemed like his plan was to see if he can get these two 50 year old ladies.  My plan was to get out of that situation.  So an hour later and an awkward good night to one of the ladies that tried to make a move on me, our night wasn’t over.  By now my friend is skipping on the boardwalk, this is a guy who’s suppose to be out of work for a bad back, looking for fights.  Color me annoyed.  Some fuckers can’t handle their liquor.  That and I’m too old for this shit.  Gladly, nothing else happened that night and we woke up groggy.  One of us had a hangover and it wasn’t me.

His friend met up with us Saturday for the rest of the weekend and we went golfing.  I haven’t golfed in years but it was fun.  I lost.  That evening we went to see a wrestling show.  My first one!!! Most likely my last too.  I thought the whole show was funny but towards the middle, I was hoping it was the end.  I smoked a cigar that night, first one… and threw up.  Last one.

This morning was the last day for Wildwood and we got some beach time.  The water was nice and it was just good to relax from this trip.  All and all, pretty good experiences from this trip.

Now here are somethings I learned from this trip:

1) Don’t try too many things at once

2) If your boy acts a fool with a few drinks, let him loose on his own

3) If an old lady follows you to your room, scream “STRANGER DANGER”

4) Wrestling is fake but from 2 rows away from the ring, it’s super fake in HD

5) Never buy food from anyone that is willing to negotiate the price of chicken fingers with you