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There is something to be said about running and I’m about to say it. Earlier this year, I bought new running sneakers and along with it, Nike Plus. It’s a device that allows me to keep track of my runs more conveniently.  So far, I’ve put in over 120 miles since then. I’ve done more before that, but now i’m keeping track.  I’ve realized something about 13 years ago and that was that I love running.  I remember the first time I ran anything more than half a mile, it was the summer before college started.  That summer I played basketball a lot with my highschool friends.  Towards the end of summer, we were all busy getting ready for the next step of our lives and also some folks from Europe came over to visit and there were a lot of girls, so my time was also divided with them.  So I had a lot going on.  By the time they all left, I was all set for school and I was bored.  One day I decided to shoot the basketball around and it was pretty boring shooting alone.  So I decided to run.  It was one of those scenes like in Forrest Gump where he just got up and ran.  For me, I laid the basketball on the grass by my driveway and looked up towards the street as if I had dropped something in that direction and ran towards it.  I ran past my uncle’s house (he lived down the block), which was probably as far as I usually go in this neighborhood on foot.  There were houses I only recognized on my trick or treat route on halloween.  I felt my lungs working harder.  I felt the air I breathe being appreciated more.  I felt my muscles working harder.  I felt sore.  I felt tired.  I felt I wanted to quit, but then I felt determination.  And ran about 2 miles.  I felt like a runner… a very short distance runner… very short distance.  But hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Now back to the present.  I haven’t ran in about 2 weeks since I injured myself running too hard.  Lesson learned.  These past couple of days I felt like I am in a rut.  These times when I feel like I’m not going anywhere, as if I’ve made no progress… in anything. I have to run. It clears my mind. It’s my meditation, my medication. Since I haven’t ran in about 2 weeks, it feels like I’m trying to build my lungs and legs all over again to get to where I was 2-3 weeks ago. Oh well, somethings… we can fix one step at a time.