I'm not sure what's going on these days. It seems I've been brewing inside. Maybe it's the boredom or something else. I can see the stupidity in my thinking or actions and still i do it out of boredom. I can see the stupidity around me and i am annoyed.

The gym is littered with would-be fit people if they had kept last year's resolution. It's an annoyance but I'm sure in a month they will all quit again. These hollow slaves who decides to do something new. Break up their routine, but their old usual comfortable life beckons to them.

This is another thing i want to point out. Fucking cowards. People who settle down because they are afraid of being alone. We all die alone. Get over it. I see people all around me; family, friends who rather settle then take that road alone. I think I get more annoyed because I used to be like this. You sacrifice happiness for security. That security is an illusion that will break apart when it becomes too hard to lie to yourself. I hate to see my weakness reflected from other people. I try to warn them but most times, experience is the greatest teacher.

This girl i've been dating for a while… I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere. I wondered why I even bothered being in this relationship. Every time she smiles or when I hold her, all those questions dissipate. Still, it has to end. Today she said something that made me feel like I couldn't be myself around her. I guess that just makes things easier.

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