This weekend I went to a Christmas tree farm with my girl friend. She says, before we got out off her truck, "i'm very particular about cutting my own tree". I nodded and said ok…. I realized as we were hiking into the back of the farm, holding a hand saw… she was literal when she said that. My Christmas memories were that of cold cold weather and just picking a pre-cut tree. I did not know you can cut your own. Good thing it took less than 3 minutes to cut it, it was no bigger than 4 feet. Tree farms are pretty cool.

Today I volunteered to teach seniors how to use a computer. I was hoping it would fill a void I've been having lately. I need to keep myself busy. I taught this old gentleman how to search and download images onto a flash drive. It didn't hit me until later, what if he downloads porn? Ah well, it is what it is.

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