once in a while there's always that obligatory flashback episode in any sitcom that gives us a recap of everything that happened so far. as i was reading back some earlier posts… it seems like 2008 was lost. alas, i'll fill in the missing pages…. so hear we go. (wavy flashback sound) doo-roorooo doo-rooroo do-roorooo

2008 1st quarter- got promoted at my job, pretty big honcho, all was good financially – new girl, she was sexy, all was good…uh yeah..

2nd quarter – starting to see a different side of my ex girlfriend. a crazier side. little did i know, how crazy one can be but i'll find out soon enough.

3rd quarter – girl i loved walked away – brought into a world of confusion and hurt. luckily i had a friend, for the sake of not using real names… i'll call him benny. a month earlier, he was in the same situation so we had strength is numbers… sorta.  this also began a lifestyle of different girls every other day.

4th quarter – still being the man-whore but towards the end started to slow down. everything else became more calm.

well that's 2008. it seems this damn blog is more about relationships than anything else. i want to change that. i'm trying to remember if anything big happened that year, maybe a death or something… but i can't remember. ooh yeah, i dated maryjane alot in 2008.

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